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PPXIX Las Vegas 24.- 26. September 2018

PPXIX Las Vegas 24. - 26. September 2018

We are introducing new developments and we would love to give you a sneak peak

Looking forward to see you!

The SCITEQ Sales team

July 2018



WEB SCITEQ Windows software server lincense for pressure modules. Including SQL database which enables processing of large data, including stored procedures for data exchage for external databases

Experience the advantages witg SCITEQ web app: 

  • No maintenance of PC.
  • No problems when changing user PC or handheld unit.
  • No local program installation.
  • No problems with transferring data, and no data loss with hardware break down.
  • Automatic backup.
  • Data is accessible from any client, no matter what location.
  • Automatic pressure test surveillance 24/7
  • Automatic error reporting to users.
  • On-line service access from SCITEQ



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September 2017

High quality universal testing

Check out our new high-end UTM range

We are pleased to present a complete new range of universal testing machines of the highest quality on the market.

The SCITEQ SCT series electric motor Universal Material Testing Machine (UTM) combines high performance, unique design and ease of use. Ideal for testing applications up to 300000N / 300kN with 1 column up to 4 column machines.

Complies with international standards.


  • Load measuring system exceeds the requirements of all recognised international standards
  • Uses high accuracy interchangeable load cells from 10kN up to 300kN
  • Test space available 460/570 x 1200/ 1600 mm (W x H )
  • Speed range 0.01-500 mm/min (0.0004 to 19.68 min)
  • Multiple programmable test set-ups (tensile, compression and bending etc.)
  • Extensometer, grips and various tools is available as options
  • Can be placed on a table or on the floor for large sample/complete assembly testing
  • PC software for material testing and data analysis is optional.
  • MITSUBISH Servo Motor Operation method of electronic control measuring system

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July 2017

0 degree tank

NEW high quality & low cost 0 degrees thermo tanks

By using the special smart lid construction and designed covers of our thermo tank solutions, we have made a new solution for 0-degree C conditioning of samples, primarily for impact test samples

By using the special smart lid construction and designed covers of our thermo tank solutions, we have made a new solution for 0-degree C conditioning of samples, primarily for impact test samples. The system includes an integrated chiller system,  which is also used to control the temperature in the tank, thus making savings as the thermo tank control system and circulation system that houses heating elements are left out.

The system does however have the benefit of the tank design with full access from 3 sides when placing samples inside the tank. At the same time, the high isolation factor makes it possible to control temperatures with high accuracy. For conditioning, it is much easier to control a stabile temperature with water, than by use of air. It is almost impossible to use cheaper chest freezers with same accuracy for conditioning, making the 0-degree tank a high quality choice to ensure QC results when testing pipes, fittings and similar samples at 0 degree.

 For further information, do not hesitate to contact us.

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July 2017


Updates HCP solutions

With the new range in HCP, it is possible to perform Burst from 20 l/min to 100 l/min as standard range. This covers a large variety of samples and dimensions, and puts SCITEQ in a unique leadership position in large volume pressure testing.

The HCP range also features the DPCS system - Dynamic Pressure Control System - with double outlet valve control. This ensures precise pressure control without hammer effect when controlling pressures on any sample size, small, medium or big. The system has the service valve installed, which is adding the possibility of servicing a station without interrupting long-term pressure test samples. By using Accumulators on each station, the system ensures a precise and smooth pressure control (All unique SCITEQ features).

The SCITEQ microprocessor, has the SD RAM card back-up slot on all controllers, ensuring that all test setting data is saved and stored, no matter what happens. As a new feature, the HCP can be run and controlled via our new WEB / Cloud based software and database, enabling access from any device, handheld, lab-top, phone etc.

Special applications, and very large volume need up to 440 l/min can be offered on request.


July 2017

Air frames - easy handling and cost saving feature

Save time on handling and mounting with the cost efficient Air frames

The patented SCITEQ Air frames offers a unique high quality solution for internal hydrostatic pressure testing. Now even more cost efficient than ever. Learn more

 Assembling large diameters ex. 630 mm is done in less than 3 minutes!

March 2017

NEW TCA Design


SCITEQ in-house engineers have made further developments to the SCITEQ TCA design.

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January 2017


SCITEQ at K'2016, press release

Hall 10 F04

SCITEQ will participate in the coming K'2016 in Düsseldorf, with a range of news being promoted:

NEW RCP system with Impact speed selection.

A completely new striker system has been developed, which raises the bar in RCP testing. As the only system worldwide, the system can impact test at a precise pre-defined speed, which enables the users to be even more specific in testing the crack propagation on PE pipes.

A new update on our world leading pressure test equipment, including new touch panel control and cloud based software, that enables access and control via any device, portable, handheld or stationary.

A new B50 Impact test range, from Ø630 to Ø2000 mm pipes.Taking the world known, originally patented vacuum system to a new level and generation.

A new TCA thermal cycling apparatus.Higher efficiency, lower cost and energy consumption.

A new LTT system for large diameter corrugated pipes.

We would like to invite and see all our partners, customers, representatives at our stand so we can present our latest technology to you all.

Looking forward to see you!

The SCITEQ Sales team

October 2016

SCITEQ now present in Argentina and Bolivia

SCITEQ now present in Argentina and Bolivia

We are pleased to introduce our new representatives in Argentina Mr. Miguel Vogel from the company Vogel & Co and in Bolivia Mr. Juan Fernando Jaramillo as an extension of Polimaq.

For contact details please "America - North and South".

May 2016

NEW CNC milling machine available

SCITEQ is launching a new CNC milling machine

The SCITEQ CNC (computer-controlled) milling machine is ideal for preparing plastic pipe samples ('dumbbell' or 'dog bone' specimens) for e.g. tensile tests and other kinds of elongation tests. The CNC miller is supplied with pipe samples templates according to ISO 6259 types 1, 2 and 3. Other types on request.

A CNC controller (plug and play) is part of the delivery and by means of software to be installed on a PC, milling is performed. Samples with a thickness of up to 110mm may be prepared.

This high precision milling machine is easy to set up and simple to operate. 

Please contact SCITEQ for more information. Link to brochure.

April 2015

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